The Incredible Benefits of The Natural Roses of Bulgaria |

The Incredible Benefits of The Natural Roses of Bulgaria

Posted: Nov 06 2016

Victoria Beauty Natural Roses of Bulgaria


Roses are broadly viewed as the most wonderful blossoms on the planet. The flower is a vital piece of multitudinous stories, legends, myths and legacies. With its fluctuated sorts, exceptional aroma and scope of shapes and sizes, you can discover one for each mind-set and experience. Individuals who don't think about any of its therapeutic properties can in any case let you know of one unquestionable property; a delightful, red rose can conjure sentimental emotions in even the hardest of hearts.  

 The Essential Oil of Rose is made by steam refining of Damascus Rose (Rosa Damascena, as it is known among botanists) and is made out of several chemicals, the biggest contributors being Citronellol, Citral, Carvone, Citronellyl Acetate, Eugenol, Ethanol and more.  Damascus Roses are the favored assortment since they are the most fragrant species and are accepted to be the first red roses with most grounded smell and most noteworthy oil content.   

The Bulgarian rose oil is unsurpassed in quality and properties. It is derived from the oleaginous Rosa Damascena Mill, grown solely in one particular area of Bulgaria called the Rose Valley due to the specificity of the geographic region and its climatic characteristics. This region is one of the largest producers of rose oil in the world.  Due to the incredibly limited supply, its amazing properties and multiple applications in skin care, medicine, aromatherapy, and fine perfumery every year, genuine Bulgarian Rose Otto is considered one of the most prized essential oils in the world. It is deservedly called the "liquid gold” of Bulgaria.   

With its 283 components, the rose oil has a wholesome effect on the human body. It is widely used in treatment of inflammatory processes, nervous strain, insomnia and stress. Thanks to the organic synthesis and notwithstanding the high cost, rose oil finds wide application in production of high quality cosmetics and perfumery and is a primary ingredient in the products of leading global trademarks.  

We think about the passionate and mental impacts of rose. All the more significantly, we should investigate a portion of the therapeutic and medical advantages of rose oil underneath.   

Stimulant: Rose Oil supports self-regard, certainty, and mental excellence while productively battling discouragement. It can be exceptionally useful for battling depression and anxiety emerging for any reason. Patients of intense sorrow or those experiencing hopelessness can be given consistent amounts of this crucial oil to bring a positive note into their lives. This oil is broadly utilized as a part of fragrance based treatment and conjures positive contemplations, otherworldly feelings of euphoria, bliss and trust.   

Antiviral: Getting protection from viruses or getting yourself vaccinated against all of them is a tough task, since some of them continue to mutate and trick our immune system, like an old friend who gives you a cold or influenza. The solution to this is to use an antiviral agent that behaves as a shield against any type of virus. Rose essential oil is one such shied, and studies have shown that it protects against many different types of viral infections.  

Aphrodisiac: There is almost no need to explain this aspect of rose essential oil.  From Cupid himself to modern day’s high tech lovers, everyone knows how indispensable roses are in the romantic department. The basic element that does that is the essential oil of the flower. The very scent of it can arouse you, and it boosts the libido while invoking romantic feelings which are essential for a successful sex life. This can reduce symptoms of sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, frigidity, and general disinterest in sexual activity with partners.  

Rose oil is one of the best oils for skin treatment!   

There are numerous characteristics of rose oil that make it beneficial for our skin. The antimicrobial and fragrant healing advantages alone are justifiable reason to put a couple drops in your DIY moisturizers and creams.   

In 2010, Chinese scientists distributed a study revealing that rose oil showed one of the most grounded bactericidal activities contrasted with 10 different oils. They also found that soon after five minutes of a 0.25 percent weakening, Propionibacterium acnes (the microbes in charge of acne) were totally annihilated!   

The most effective method to utilize rose oil for acne: If you experience the ill effects of acne, take one drop of rose oil on imperfections three times each day. Ensure you utilize a sterile cotton swab; if the antimicrobial power is a lot for you, weaken it marginally with some coconut oil.    

Another incentive to utilize rose oil for skin wellbeing is a direct result of its uncanny capacity to build your skin's permeability! We at have created our own unique line of cosmetic products containing pure natural rose oil. View our line here!  

As German researchers clarified in a 2010 article, a standout amongst the most fascinating parts of rose oil is that, "For substances connected in rose oil, a reasonable relationship between their lipophilic character, synthetic structure, and skin saturation could be confirmed."   

Basically, when rose is added to your skin, it opens up your skin to ingest a greater amount of the chemicals and supplements.  But using pure Rose oil as a foundation before applying different beauty products could be quite expensive, but there is a solution to that as well.  

Natural Bulgarian Rose Water is 100% natural and pure solution, obtained by steam distillation of fresh rose blossoms, during the yearly rose crop in the world-renowned Bulgarian Rose Valley. Rose Water cleanses your face perfectly and in the same time moisturizes, refreshes, and soothes the skin of the face, preparing it for the application of day or night cream. The rose oil, dissolved in it, regulates the production of sebum, which is why it is suitable both for dry and oily skin. It is pure, undiluted, therapeutic- and food-grade merchandise that does not contain any preservatives, additives or artificial chemicals. By using a unique distillation technique, which matches modern research and tradition, Bulgaria distills a special type of rose water that fully preserves the biodynamic energy of the plant. Make sure to read all the properties of Rosewater here


This in turn helps boosting your wellbeing, you can get extraordinary results when you blend your own products with rose oil and thus include just the best ingredients. Then again, if the ingredients are loaded with destructive components, regardless of the prospect that the producer includes rose oil you might be unconsciously bestowing your skin to dangerous chemicals!  


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